Mask Sealed Jar, PET Massage Salt Sealed Jar

Mask Sealed Jar, PET Massage Salt Sealed Jar

 1, Material:: PET

2, Size: Dia85mm X Height125mm
3, Application: Food, Tea, Sugar, Mask, Massage salt, Dried fruit, beans, Medicinal liquor, Jam, 
4, Available in silkscreen printing, labels.Features: 
1, This kind of design storage bottle can be completely cut off external air into the bottle and seal it thoroughly. The unique design will be able to discharge internal air automatically. The cap is silicone ring, it is more safer than a general rubber ring. Thick bottle wall wonot be easy to broken.
2, PET material is for environmentally friendly materials, it has a high barrier, light weight, not broken characteristics, resistance to chemical reverse resistance, highly transparent, It can be made of pearl, colored, magnetic white, transparent. Lower cost than glass, but also has beautiful appearance and texture upscale advantages as a glass bottle , And be popular in Europe and the United States.
Maintenance: use boiling water for cleaning.

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