Multiple-unit Tube With EVOH Bonding Layer Five layer compound t

Multiple-unit Tube With EVOH Bonding Layer Five layer compound t

 1, Size: Dia50mm x Length 148mm

2, Capacity: 200ml 
3, Those tube with offset printing, silkscreen printing and foil hotstamping 
4, Application: Scrub Cream, Facial Cream, Defining Lotion, Massage Lotion, Bath Salt, Cleansing Foam 
5, Cap style: Snap on flip top cap 

Multiple-unit tube with EVOH bonding layer( five layer compound tube) has a great gases trap performance, it can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and foreign taste and exudation of contents fragrance and active ingredients. 
Its structure is 

Other Features: 
1, We manufacture cosmetic tubes with mono-layer, five-layer(Multiple-unit tube with EVOH bonding layer), Two-layer, Double layer,Oval Shape , Flat Shape and Round shape. 
2, Capacity: 3ml- 550ml 
3, Diameter: 13-60mm 
4, Application: Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical etc. 
5, Process: offset printing, silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping. 
6, Various of caps: Metal, Acrylic, Plastic, Snap on top cap, Flip top cap, Screw Cap, Screw on Cap

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