foaming soap dispenser, soap foam pump, foam dispenser

foaming soap dispenser, soap foam pump, foam dispenser
The qualified foamy pump are white and natural overcap that allows you to see the pump head
These recyclable foamy soap dispensers turn your thin and runny liquid soap or surfactant based cleaner into a beautiful fluffy foam that adds novelty and versatility to your products.
Dilution rates depend a great deal on your base product,but a start point of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water will determine if you need to increase one section or the other,or if this is perfect for your needs.
Item No:JH-P-006
Capacity: 30/410
Closure: pump
Application: washing foam, liquor, and other skin care products
Delivery time:15-25days
Place of origin:China
Packing:box packaging
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
MOQ: 10000pcs,or according to customer's request, can be negotiated.

Product Origin: Guangzhou
Model Number:  
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